Tuesday, 10 April 2012

New song!

This is a song that I wrote last summer with Kevin Emre of I-ching. (they are freaking amazing by the way check them out!!)

It's taken too long to get out and I'm still not too happy with the mix... If only I had a studio to record everything in!!

Incidentally if anyone out there wants to lend me a studio, that would be awesome. I will bake you lots of cake in gratitude.

Anyways, feedback would be really appreciated, drop me an email at helenbellringer@gmail.com with your thoughts (even though I know the two people that read my blog - hi Mum, hi Dad)

Or you can 'tweet' me because I'm all modern now #checkmeout @HellsBellaBells in twitterland

I'll be bringing some more musics out soon!!

Monday, 17 October 2011

LuckyPDF live stream!

The LuckyPDF TV live show can now be seen online! Featuring some cool performances from different artists, and Helen Benigson (Princess Belsize dollar) for whom I wrote the music which she is performing to.

Princess Belsize dollar and I can be seen performing right at the end of this show; live from the Frieze art fair on the 16th October

Watch live streaming video from luckypdf at livestream.com


Saturday, 15 October 2011

My Music was on the culture show!!

I've been working recently with artist and rapper Helen Benigson who performs as Princess Belsize Dollar. This Wednesday we performed at the Frieze art fair in London for the art collective LuckyPDF. A few weeks ago the BBC came to record one of our rehearsals for the culture show and it was aired last night! The short segment at the end features Helen rapping to some of my music and the rest of the section also uses my music (and a Nicki Minaj tune) as a backing track! Check out the episode by clicking the title of this post!

Thursday, 13 October 2011

My Nord Wave's TV debut!

So I performed at the Frieze art fair with Princess Belsize dollar for LuckyPDF yesterday. As the boys were being interviewed for a segment on Channel 4 news, we were being filmed! My ever enthusiastic parents recorded the show to play back to me and there are some rather fantastic shots of the Nord in action!

Check out LuckyPDF's site at http://www.luckypdf.com/

Thursday, 29 September 2011

E4 sting!

This is an E4 Esting competition entry created by the lovely Alice Dunseath from Voodoodog. I created all the sounds you can hear in this video; I even wandered round my dads hospital with my recording equipment for the background sounds! All the disgusting squelchy sounds come from various fruits and friends' mouths... gross!! Sounds I did not create are the actors' voices, but I did edit them to the video using the rushes from the shoot.

Alice's other work can be found on her blog http://alicedunseath.tumblr.com/

Friday, 24 June 2011

Ferragamo is live!

I'm very excited today because today the interview of Salvatore Ferragamo that I created music for went live online!

I composed the music on behalf of Angelini design who shot and edited the video; they created the video for Lancia Trend visions and the video can be found here!


This is the music I created for the LANCIA Trend Visions titles, which they will be using as the title music for their interviews.

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Within these resonances

This is a new song I created for my fourth year portfolio. It began as an exercise in binaural panning that became a song. I created, sung and played and recorded everything in this track except for the Cello part which was played by Angharad Maxwell. This piece is best enjoyed on headphones as it is intended to create a virtual performance space in the brain.

Within these resonances by HellsBells